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Sanitizing Service

Have your home or office professionally sanitized by a trusted local company

We employ EPA registered sanitizing agents that are proven effective against fungi, viruses, and bacteria

Quick thorough service means you are back to work or back at home without worries.

Product provides a lasting barrier against re-contamination for several days.

You can set up a recurring service at an interval of your choosing. Recommend weekly service to ensure continued and ongoing protection.

Office space, warehouse, home, schools, manufacturing plants, etc. we do it all.

We utilize atomizing foggers to apply the product ensuring that ALL surfaces are effectively treated including airborne pathogens.

This treatment is a cost effective way of ensuring that disease and harmful pathogens do not exist in your living or working space

The treatment is safe, non-toxic, and will not harm furniture or sensitive items.

The treatment will take less than 1 hour, and you can re-enter the space 1 hour after treatment. (2 hours total)