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Mold Removal Experts

Mold Removal Experts

Is your home or business affected by mold? We offer a fast, safe, and affordable option to deal with it. Air testing is used to determine the presence of indoor mold and for clearance after treatment. Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. is proud to be the company that Central Oregonians can trust with comprehensive move removal services! Call or contact us online now for an estimate.

Goal of Work

Our shared goal is to make your property and possessions safe from mold growth, airborne mold spores, and mycotoxins associated with mold growth. Some common examples of mold that has the potential to affect occupants’ health are penicillium, aspergillus, cladosporium, and stachybotrys. We aim to preserve a healthy indoor environment and retain the value of your home and investment. Mold remediation is a four-step process:

  1. Locate the source of the moisture.
  2. Make repairs to prevent moisture intrusion.
  3. Remediate the mold growth and mold spores.
  4. Confirm mold doesn’t affect the indoor air using air sampling (only completed at the request of the client).

We complete these steps quickly and effectively allowing occupants to return in a timely manner. We use natural, non-toxic products and provide a certificate of completion, photo documentation, and a transferable lifetime warranty for treated areas. Mountain Air Indoors of Bend will eliminate mold growth, reduce airborne spores to acceptable levels, and prevent reoccurrence, guaranteed.

Organic and Non-Toxic

Why use toxic chemicals to treat mold when there is a better way? We are one of very few mold removal companies in the U.S. using a cutting-edge product called TM-100. This organic, non-toxic, enzyme-based product is manufactured by BioScience; it is extremely effective against mold and is proven safe through extensive testing by independent sources.

Prevention and Removal

A home investigation can detect common causes of mold growth indoors before they happen. If mold is present, our removal process called Bio-remediation eliminates mold growth and consumes airborne mold spores.

Inspection and Testing

Call now for a thorough visual evaluation of your home or office. We can test your indoor air quality to determine if you are safe from mold exposure. Our team is committed to 100 percent satisfaction and will ensure that every job is done right.

Moisture Prevention Investigation

The investigation is focused on finding and preventing mold problems. It includes all aspects of a home or business and is the single most effective way to prevent indoor mold growth. The client will get a detailed report highlighting Red Flag issues (current moisture or mold problems), Yellow Flag issues (potential areas that could lead to moisture intrusion), and color photographs depicting problem areas. When you have a home investigation done, you are ensuring that your property does not become affected by mold. To schedule an investigation, call now.


Mold removal can be a costly proposition. The reason for this is the nature of mold and its hazardous qualities. Often, building materials affected by mold are removed and home or business owners are displaced from the premises for a lengthy period. Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. has a new approach to an old problem. We treat the entire property using a natural, non-toxic product called TM-100. This process does not require unnecessary demolition of building materials, saving the client from costly replacement. Occupants need only be displaced for 48 hours on average when utilizing our mold removal materials.

Air Sampling

Air samples are taken using specialized equipment, which is the surest way to determine the extent of mold growth, how it affects the air, and if it is toxic. Air samples are taken outside (to establish baseline airborne mold levels), inside the main living space, and in the problem area(s). These samples are then shipped overnight to a reputable independent laboratory where they are then analyzed by scientists. The results are documented in a detailed report that is easy to read. The report shows how many and what type of spores were detected. This report allows us to make smart decisions about how to proceed to achieve the best indoor air quality.


Mold growth indicators are a musty smell, recent water leak, condensation, high humidity, or mold-related health issues. If you suspect mold is growing in your home schedule, a detailed evaluation with Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. We will determine the source of the moisture, the extent of the mold growth, and may recommend air samples. We will also do a cursory check of the rest of the property to ensure that there are no other undetected problems. This evaluation is a courtesy to the client, not including air samples. To schedule, call us at 541-420-0712 or contact us online.

Remediation Process

First, we contain the mold using plastic sheeting, and then we HEPA vacuum the floors, walls, and all furniture collecting mold spores that have traveled throughout the structure. After that, we wipe down all walls and hard surfaces with our proprietary product TM-100. This mold removal process attacks the mold growth directly by applying TM-100 and scrubbing until it is all gone. Once all visible mold growth is taken care of, we go after the invisible spores that are dispersed throughout the house and in the air. We use a blend of our product specific to the type of mold we are dealing with.

Using fogging machines, we aerosolize the product throughout the space, including the attic, crawl space, HVAC system, and into all living areas. This fog not only consumes airborne mold spores, it also leaves an invisible barrier that prevents future mold growth. Once fogging is complete, we vacuum once again to pick up any residual substance from the degraded mold spores, wipe clean all hard surface areas, and remove all plastic. Finally, to ensure our work is complete and effective, we take post-remediation air samples that are analyzed by an independent lab.


You will be provided a Limited Lifetime Warranty against future mold growth provided any recommended repairs were completed in a timely manner. If mold returns, we will retreat, free of charge, provided there are no further moisture intrusions. If mold growth occurs due to moisture intrusion, we will retreat at 50 percent of the cost.


We guarantee our work 100 percent. We will eliminate mold growth. Airborne mold spore levels will be within acceptable limits upon completion.

Mold – Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldn’t I use bleach to get rid of mold?

Bleach has not been proven to be effective in the removal of mold. It can wipe away mold growth but leaves behind the spores. The chemicals and fumes can be hazardous to occupants, and it does not provide protection from future growth. Often, the mold will return within weeks and require additional mold removal services.

What product do you use?

We use a proprietary blend of enzymes and proteins that was specifically designed to target mold growth and mold spores. This amazing solution produces an invisible, antimicrobial shield upon drying that encapsulates mold and prevents future growth. It is 100 percent natural, it is non-toxic, it is safe for humans and pets, and it leaves a mild scent that dissipates within a few days. What’s left is a fresh, clean air environment like a mountain breeze.

How long does the invisible barrier last?

Under normal conditions, the barrier will last for approximately one year and beyond. In areas that experience recurring moisture exposures, it may be necessary to reapply to prevent further mold growth. With this program, we offer a lifetime warranty against future mold growth.

Can I paint over TM-100?

Yes, you can paint over the TM-100 barrier. Regular household latex paints adhere very well to it. Again, in high humidity or recurring moisture situations, it may be necessary to reapply the TM-100 after the moisture situation has been rectified to ensure full protection from re-growth.

When treating my house, what do I need to do?

Nothing. Once the moisture intrusion problem has been corrected, and the structure dried, we will take care of the rest. We will need the property vacated for 48 to 72 hours depending on the extent of the mold damage.

What is the process for removing mold?

First, we will determine the extent of the mold growth and the cause of the moisture intrusion. Once the moisture intrusion has been corrected and the structure dried, we will start mold remediation. Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. will set up containment where necessary to prevent further spread of mold spores. HEPA vacuum the entire structure from top to bottom and wipe down walls and ceilings with the TM-100 formula. Our home remediation techs will apply our enzyme mold removal product to moldy surfaces and scrub all visible mold growth. We will then remove all HVAC registers and intakes and clean thoroughly with our product while cleaning out the ducts near the registers. Then, we fog the entire property, atomizing our enzyme product into all areas, including the attic, crawlspace, basement, living areas, and HVAC. After treatment, we HEPA vacuum again and wipe down all hard surfaces ensuring there is no excess residue left behind. What’s left is an immaculate home with fresh, clean air. Some repairs may be necessary depending on the extent of the mold damage to building materials.

How much does this service cost?

All jobs vary in scope. We will bid your job based on the extent of the problem figuring labor and materials required. Our prices are competitive, and we feel our products and processes are far superior to other methods. This dedication to success helps to make Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. an incredible value across Central Oregon.

What’s wrong with home test kits from the hardware store?

The problem with home testing kits is that they use a dish to collect mold spores which then grow fungus. What some people don’t realize is that there is background mold in the air all around us. These home tests kits will often give a positive reading leading one to believe they have a serious mold problem. Air samples are more accurate, as they detect the amount of mold in the air as compared to the outside air.

Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. is here to provide the best indoor air quality for your home or business. Our remediation company in Bend also provides water restoration and home renovation services, so be sure to call us today to see how we can benefit your property!