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Steps to take during a water loss event

Emergency Procedures

These 1st steps are designed to protect your family and home against injury and further damage.

  1. Safety First! Be on the lookout for safety hazards:
    • Slips and falls are the most common injury associated with flooding. Be cautious when walking in or around the affected areas. Keep family members and pets out of the affected area as much as possible.
    • Structural integrity of building materials: If leak occurs overhead, saturated building materials can collapse, avoid these areas.
    • Contaminated water can be hazardous, if contamination is suspected with solvents, sewage, or other cause, avoid contact.
    • There is a potential for electrical shock, be aware of any electrical appliances that are exposed to the water. Avoid contact with the water if possible to limit this risk.
  2. Stop the water at source! Locate the water main, usually located near the street in front of house. Turn off the water to prevent further flooding. We can assist if you are unable to accomplish this.
  3. Contact Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. immediately at 541-420-0712, instant action can prevent further damage and shorten drying and repair time. Provide us with a description of the amount of water, source of water, and areas affected (approx square footage). The longer water is allowed to stand contacting building materials, the more it will soak in making the drying process more difficult and increasing the risk for mold growth.
  4. We will respond immediately, work tirelessly, and return your home to normal (pre-loss condition) as quickly as possible.
  5. Contact your home-owners insurance company in order to start a claim. Here are some common questions that they may ask:
  6. What is the origin of the water or where did it come from?
    • How long has the structure been wet?
    • Where in the structure is it wet?
    • How much area is affected and what building materials are wet?
    • Note: your insurance company may pressure you to use one of their associated companies (Serve-pro, Belfor or Servicemaster). You have the right to choose who completes the work. Of course, we suggest using our company as we know we will provide you the best service at reasonable rates. We work directly with all insurance companies in order to get your claim paid quickly.

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