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Home Inspection Repair Services

Home Inspection Repair Services When buying a new home, a home inspection is often recommended and sometimes required by the lender. The question is, what do you do with the inspection report once I purchase the home? There is an easy way to make sure that all of the important recommended repairs get accomplished. Simply pass the report on to Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. We will provide you with an itemized repair estimate, timeline for completion, and a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work or we will make it right.

From the attic to the crawlspace and everything in between, we can repair or replace all of those items that the inspector flagged in the report. Often the flagged items do not need any action, just a licensed contractor to inspect the problem to ensure it does not require attention. We are able to handle many construction and repair projects including drywall, windows, flooring, carpet, paint, siding, and roofing to name a few. For the specialty trades, including Heating / Air conditioning, Electrical, and Plumbing, we utilize a network of high quality subcontractors who are a part of our home repair and improvement team.

Some examples of common repairs we complete for new homeowners: House is to dark so we upgrade the lighting and / or add windows to allow more natural light and heat in the winter. Exterior paint is peeling and chipping so we re-seal and repaint the exterior / interior. Attic or crawlspace has insulation, ventilation, or structural issues so we add vents, add insulation, or make structural repairs. Other small repairs include door knobs or locks, bath fans, window blinds, smoke / CO2 detectors and more.

So don’t fret about that long list of repair items on your home inspection report. Make one phone call to Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. and consider it done. Because We’re not done until your satisfied!

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