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Case Study of Water Damage Restoration

Property Water Damage: A Case Study

Dan Despain:

Water Damage in Bathroom leads to major interior and exterior repairs.



Mr. Despain discovered his toilet had overflowed in the downstairs bathroom. Not the ideal saturday morning for any homeowner! A quick call to Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. brought technicians quickly to the door of his Aubrey Butte home. Working quickly and efficiently, Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. Techs removed the excess water from the carpet which flowed out into an adjacent hallway, bedroom, living room and laundry room. After evacuating the water, we lifted the carpet and removed the saturated carpet pad. “The carpet pad acts like a sponge and will take too long to dry out, it has to be removed.” claims owner Andrew Canfield. Air movers were set up after removing the linoleum and underlayment in the bathroom. Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. generally attempt to conduct restorative drying methods to save materials and money. Unfortunately sometimes it is necessary to remove the materials because they are too badly damaged.

After the timely completion of drying the rooms, Mountain Air Indoors, Inc. began the re-construction process. Dan and his wife were interested in replacing the vinyl / laminate flooring in the bathroom and laundry room with  a slate tile. They selected the tile and we were able to install it for slightly more than their original deductible. A disaster that results in improvements, that’s what we do at Mountain Air Indoors, Inc.

Mr. Despain was so impressed with our services that he decided to re-hire us to complete the repairs to the exterior of his home. The West facing wall of his home was taking a beating from the weather and water had begun to infiltrate the windows, bowing and warping the interior window sill and severely damaging the exterior siding. We created a plan and estimate to complete all the repairs complete with a finish coat of paint. In no time the 45′ side of his home was completely restored and the interior sills looked as if nothing had happened.

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