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DYI Home Kits

DIY Home Mold Remediation Kit

(online purchase) $59.99 shipping/handling included

Treat and remove mold in your home with our DIY mold remediation kit

Kit includes the following

Enzyme bio-remediation product

Spray bottle

Scrub brush

Latex/butyl gloves 3M N-95 face mask

Terry Cloth

Instructions for removing mold:

Stop source of moisture; determine source of moisture and stop the source.
Dry out material fully
Don PPE provided in kit (gloves, mask, and eye protection is recommended)
Remove any non-salvageable materials such as dry wall that has deteriorated or wood that has dry rot
Apply the enzyme bio-remediation product with the spray bottle liberally to the effected area
Scrub in product with brush provided
Wipe away excess dirt and debris with terry cloth and allow product to dry.
Once dry, again, wipe down area with terry cloth
Paint or wipe clean area as necessary when treatment is complete.
Note: this kit will treat up to 100 square feet of affected building material
The Enzyme product provides a lasting barrier against mold re-growth

DIY Home Sanitization Kit

(online purchase) $59.99 shipping/handling included

Sanitize your personal space with our DIY Home and Office sanitizing kit.

Kit Includes the following

Professional grade, EPA registered sanitizing agent, ready to use, 28 oz

Spray bottle

Latex/butyl gloves 3M N-95 face mask

Terry Cloth

Instructions for sanitizing your space

Ensure all surfaces to be sanitized are clean and free of dirt and debris

Don PPE provided in kit (mask, gloves, and eye protection is recommended)

Apply the product liberally using a fine spray until there is a visible mist layer on all treated surfaces

Allow product to dry

Any surfaces or items that could be stained by water should be wiped with the terry cloth.

Treated surfaces are now effectively sanitized and a lasting barrier against re-contamination exists on treated areas